How NTOCH Works


NTOCH is a social community platform where you can connect, share, contribute, and profit – literally! NTOCH is a profit-sharing social media site where the subscribers are the platform.

Ntoch is the best community site which is a High Returns Social Media in USA Subscriptions will be provided with High Returns from Net Profit.

Ntoch includes both investment of Data and Money. Since the high returns can be generated by the increasing the Volume of subscriptions and the amount of salient data posted by the Subscriber.

Ntoch is an exemplary platform which brings-forth Knowledge and High Returns to the subscriber who is a stake holder in this social media

In General  Returns will be based on the potential of the content for  evaluation and reception by the spectators but Ntoch , shares the 50% of the  net profit with the subscribers for Subscription.

Launch date – Fall 2020!

Subscribers who participate in pay sign-up ($10) will share equally in 50% of’s net profits upon distribution.


Besides our profit sharing, we will target content that contributes directly to the “non-digital worldly needs of our subscribers.” Please reach out to us with suggestions and creative input towards this goal!

Please be sure to fill in your contact information completely – and refer your friends – the more users, the bigger the distribution!

A Note to Our Subscribers, members, and contributors…

We will do the best we can to maintain your data and contributions to NTOCH.COM, however, users are always subject to being removed from the site for postings which, in the opinion of representatives, violate relevant laws and statutes or display moral turpitude.

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