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The Law of Attraction: Using the Power of Positive Thinking to Create the Life You Want

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7 mn read Image Source: Unsplash Most of us have heard of The Law of Attraction, but few of us know how to use it effectively and to our benefit. The Law of Attraction is the belief that we can bring about positive or negative results by focusing on positive or negative thoughts. For example, if you are […]

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Let’s Heal Through Hugs


5 mn read Humans are social creatures. We are wired to crave connection, to feel the warmth of another person. This is why hugs are so important. They help us feel connected, loved, and supported. A hug can have a profound impact on our mental and physical health. They can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. They can […]

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The Surprising Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

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4 mn read Minimalism is a lifestyle choice that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It involves minimizing the physical possessions, activities, and relationships in one’s life. It can be seen as a tool to simplify, declutter, and focus on what is truly important. While it may seem daunting to some, living a minimalist lifestyle can offer […]

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Nearly 100 years of lighting the Olympic flame

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< 1 mn read From Ancient Olympia to the opening ceremony, the Olympic flame has played a big part in the Games for nearly a century. The Associated Press has covered every modern Olympics, and that includes photographs of the Olympic flame both along the torch relay route and in the cauldron. The Olympic flame was introduced at the […]

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US cyber experts conducted operations to safeguard election -By ERIC TUCKER

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< 1 mn read WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Cyber Command conducted more than two dozen operations aimed at preventing interference in last November’s presidential election, the general who leads the Pentagon’s cyber force said Thursday. Gen. Paul Nakasone, in prepared remarks to the Senate Armed Services Committee, did not describe those operations, so it was not immediately clear whether these […]

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