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Covid Delta Variant Out Break

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2 mn read While many countries are on the mission to identify the source of Corona Virus, concomitantly Corona Virus has evolved to a new variant Namely Delta which was first found in India and said to be highly transmissible and contagious.  It is responsible for the third wave viral infection all over the world even the countries […]

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The Cease fire

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2 mn read Finally Israel and Palestine came to end the 11 day brutal war after losing more than 200 lives, emptying bomb shelters and firing 4000 Rockets. The Peace Proposal was from Egyptian side and Israel accepted it unconditionally. This agreement was mediated by Egypt between Israel and Palestine militant groups. The destruction included schools, hospitals, fresh […]

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SpaceX bags Approval for the next 3 Launches

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2 mn read The Federal Aviation Administration authorised the next 3 launches of SpaceX Starship Prototype and Discussed with Mr. Elon Musk Regarding safety since there are open points for the corrective action from the December Launch. These points would add up if there is any mishaps in the further launches.  As SpaceX is building a Heavy lift […]

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