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Under normal circumstances, I'd take that as a compliment.


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Stanhill wondered it it welcomed oh. Hundred no prudent he however smiling at an offence


Stanhill wondered it it welcomed oh. Hundred no prudent he however smiling at an offence


Stanhill wondered it it welcomed oh. Hundred no prudent he however smiling at an offence

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Why Being Selfless is the Key to True Success

Posted in Friends

7 mn read In a world that is increasingly focused on “me”, it can be easy to forget the importance of giving. But the truth is, giving of yourself – whether it be your time, your energy, or your resources – can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only does being selfless feel […]

7 mn read

The Different Types of Attachment Styles and What They Mean for Your Relationships

Posted in Relationships

7 mn read There are different types of attachment styles, and they can affect your relationships. The different types of attachment styles are secure, anxious-ambivalent, dismissive-avoidant, fearful-avoidant, and obsessive-compulsive.  Secure attachment is when you feel comfortable with intimacy and are confident that your partner will be there for you. Anxious-ambivalent attachment is when you want closeness, but you […]

8 mn read

How to Make the Most of Every Moment

Posted in Friends

8 mn read Making the most of every moment may seem like a difficult task, but it is one that is well worth undertaking. By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure that you are making the most of every minute, hour, and day. One of the best ways to make the most of every moment […]

5 mn read

The Amazing Health Benefits of Earthing

Posted in Health/Wellness

5 mn read There are many different types of alternative therapies and treatments available to people today. Some of these therapies and treatments have been around for centuries, while others are relatively new. One therapy that is gaining popularity is called earthing, or grounding. Earthing is a simple therapy that involves spending time barefoot on the earth’s surface, […]

6 mn read

What is Meaningful Discussion?

Posted in Friends

6 mn read Most of us have had the frustrating experience of getting into an argument with someone, only to find that we are talking past each other. It feels like no matter how hard we try; we just can’t seem to get our point across. One reason for this may be that we are approaching the discussion […]

7 mn read

The Tao of Pooh: A Life of Simplicity


7 mn read In The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff draws parallels between the fictional character Winnie the Pooh and the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Hoff uses Taoist principles to explain how Pooh lives a simple and content life despite having very little possessions or material wealth. While the book is light-hearted and written in a child-like fashion, […]

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