America Wants Jaguars Back!

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There are many creatures that went extinct from America and the most Recent is the Jaguar which was driven to extinct  in the past  50 years.

There is a practice between nations that is Receiving and Raising flora & fauna from other parts of the world which may not belong to or Extinct from the country. In the same way America is in the progress of raising Jaguars in Central Arizona and New Mexico where they lived before their Extinction from America. This Area Spans almost 82,000 sq. Miles with only 3,81,000 population which is dense in Towns and cities, Natural Vegetation covering 68% of the area .It is also home to tribal Apache groups.

Jaguars lived in the mountains of this landscape before evolution of human there. Its native wildlife evolved with them. They played vital role in the canyons and forests over there. This Region could serve better habitat for Range of Jaguars because of their altitude, climate, vegetation and Presence of Prey.

Reintroduction of this creature in this ecosystem would include describing Fundamental reasons, its History, Circumstances considering Ecology, Human and Economy. The Reintroduction plan should be brilliant in such a way that doesn’t bring chaos for the near minimum of next 100 years.

This Reintroduction is very important as this species has been pushed to extinct by US Government Agents and Private Hunters killed and poisoned Jaguars throughout the 20th century as a result of which Jaguars went into the list of Endangered species.

Construction of Border between U.S and Mexico that would block migration of Jaguar between the two countries is highly opposed by the Defenders of Wildlife and with collaboration of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. These two bodies with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Center for Landscape Conservation, Wildlands Network, Pace University, Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Life Net Nature, and the Center for Biological Diversity are conducting the study for this Reintroduction and there is a huge way to go on and soon we shall expect to have 100 – 150 Jaguars covering up this Region.

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